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You can make donations to our association through the following methods

Support the development and implementation of the work of the Association in a practical way

2021 TRCRA Annual Budget $8,484,000

2021 TRCRA Annual Budget $8,484,000



  • 發展以跨虹觀點為基礎的性別議題求助者關懷支持系統
  • 建立以生理性別為基礎的支持團體

  • 透過專業合作,舉辦提升個人生、心理全人整合及生命探索的主題活動

2021 TRCRA Annual Budget $8,484,000

2021 TRCRA Annual Budget $8,484,000



  • 以「全人性教育(Holistic Sexuality Education)」為核心基礎的跨虹愛滋防治宣導
  • 疾管署申請核淮場次:70場

  • 計劃前往區域以「原住民鄉鎮」、「西海岸(臺中~臺南)地區」、「離島」為主

2021 TRCRA Annual Budget $8,484,000

2021 TRCRA Annual Budget $8,484,000



  • 有系統地建構「跨虹者輪廓資料庫」,讓社會了解跨虹者
  • 向社會宣傳以跨虹者經驗所發展的性/別論述

  • 具體羅列跨虹者邊緣化處境的權益損失,達到社會倡議的力度

2021 TRCRA Annual Budget $8,484,000

2021 TRCRA Annual Budget $8,484,000



  • 與協會發展有關之必要全職、兼職人員薪資
    • 秘書長1名、行政助理1名、實習生2名

    • 實習生視發展情況評估聘用需求

  • 每月固定支出,如:辦公室及倉庫租金、線上系統租用費

  • 添購電腦及相關影音器材設備

  • 其他維持協會運作及發展之必要支出

2021 TRCRA Annual Budget $8,484,000

玉山銀行 Logo

Account Name|Taiwan Rainbow Crosser Rights Association

Bank & Branch|E.Sun Bank (Bank Code 808) Zhongxiao Branch

Account Number 0875-968-115531(For TWD)

Account Number | 0875-968-115531(For Other Currency)


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Account Name|Taiwan Association for the Promotion of the Rights of Rainbow Crossers

Account Number 50444834





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If you have a PayPal account, please donate to the Association through PayPal


​*Due to current regulations in Taiwan, if your PayPal account is registered in Taiwan,

No transactions can be made to registered users who are also Taiwanese.


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The association's online donation is assisted by Netsoft Technology

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You can download the physical version of the credit card authorization form here, or according to the card you want to donate, leave your email in the corresponding form, fill in the form online, and sign it online





"Donation Reminder"

If you make a donation through postal transfer or directly through a bank (such as online banking supplementary account, ATM transfer, Yushan Bank counter deposit... etc.) , instead of filling in through our online donation platform or physical credit card authorization form , online edition signed credit card authorization form to fill in or make a donation by PayPal, be sure after the completion of donation, please click on the button below to fill out the online donation information, you can also e-mail or phone (02) 7730 -5171 and the Association will notify you of your donation information to facilitate financial verification and complete donation confirmation!

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