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​Your support will see more rainbow richness

The colors of the rainbow are infinite, just like everyone in the world has their own uniqueness, so that the world has unlimited possibilities.

The life of the Rainbow Crossers must shine in this world in this infinite possibility, so that people can see a certain fragment of the rainbow.

You and I can also become a Rainbow Crosser. When you support and agree with the idea of Rainbow Crossing, you have become part of the Rainbow Crosser and walk with us on the road of life.

​Therefore, TRCRA would like to invite you to support our services of TRCRA in any way you can, and cross the rainbow together with us.

Image by Alex Mecl

​Join a Volunteer

The association organizes various types of lectures, activities, and training courses from time to time. In addition, the handling of administrative affairs of the association, responses to social media messages, etc., all require the participation of volunteer partners who are willing to work together. On, use your talents and abilities.

Image by Markus Winkler

Make Donation

The most direct and practical support to the association is through monetary donations.  The salary of full-time and part-time staffs, the organization of activities, the expenditure of fixed expenses, and the cooperation of professional activities all require you to support us with money so that the association can perform various service tasks smoothly.

​Become Members

The association is a people's organization established on the basis of "people".  We very much welcome partners or organizations who are moved and burdened by the work of TRCRA to join as a formal or special member of the association, participate in the development of the association’s services, and do your part.


​Strategic Cooperation

Life needs support and help from various professions in order to find a way out when encountering difficulties.  You or your organization's profession will become the support of TRCRA. In the various service work promoted by TRCRA, you will work side by side to provide more complete discussions and services.  Or you want to invite the association to share, hold lectures, training courses, etc., please click on "Sent Proposal" to fill in the form.

Image by John Schnobrich
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