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Support the development and implementation of our works

2024 Yearly Budget NT$5,580,000

Annually Project A

Supporting System Establishment

​Annual Budget NT$1,200,000

  • Develop a supporting system for gender issues help-seekers based on the Rainbow Crossing perspective.
  • Establishment of biological-sex-based support groups.

  • Organize activities for personal enhancement, whole-person integration, and life exploration through professional collaboration.

The budget includes: full-time staff for one, external supervisors, venue use, support group experts and lecturer fees, volunteer training experts and lecturer fees, and other expenses.

Annually Project B

Students HIV/AIDS Prevention

​Annual Budget NT$740,000

  • AIDS/HIV prevention education to remote areas schools in Taiwan based on holistic sexuality education.
  • Apply 70 sessions of support from C.D.C. Taiwan.

  • Focusing areas: aboriginal townships, west coast townships (Taichung ~ Tainan), and outlying islands.

The budget includes: part-time staff for one, lecturers and assistants' fees, accommodation, transportation, postage, volunteer training, other expenses

Annually Project C

RC Gender Perspectives Advocacy

​Annual Budget NT$1,370,000

  • To build a "Rainbow Crosser's outline database" for the general public to understand Rainbow Corssers.
  • To publicize the sex/gender discourses through the experiences of Rainbow Crosser.

  • Specifically list the loss of rights of the Rainbow Crosser community in marginalized situations, to achieve the strength of social advocacy.

The budget includes: full-time staff for one,  part-time assistant for one, website enhancement, public relations production, Rainbow Crosser's outline database creation, human library talks and seminars

Annually Recurrent Expenses

Personnel and Administration Costs

​Annual Budget $2,270,000

  • Other necessary full-time and part-time staff salaries
    • Secretary General, Administrative Assistant, Interns.

    • Interns will be hired depending on the development.

  • Fixed monthly expenses, ex. office and warehouse rentals, and cloud system rental fees.

  • Purchase of computers and audio-visual equipment.

  • Other necessary expenses to maintain the operation and development.

The budget includes:  full-time and part-time staff costs, rental fees for fixed administrative operations and office space, services-related expenses, purchase of computer and audio-visual equipment, and other necessary expenses.

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Account Name|Taiwan Rainbow Crosser Rights Association

Bank & Branch|E.Sun Bank (Bank Code 808) Zhongxiao Branch

Account Number 0875-968-115531(For TWD)

Account Number | 0875-441-020860(For Other Currency)

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"Donation Reminder"

If you make a donation directly to TRCRA bank account  (such as global wire transfer, ATM transfer in Taiwan, E.Sun Bank in bank counter deposit... etc.) ,  be sure after the completion of donation, please be sure you fill your donation information online, or you can email to or contact +886 (0)2 7730 5171 to notify your donation information in helping facilitated financial verification and complete donation confirmation!

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