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|Our Aim|

Everyone has the right to choose and dare to be different

Promote the rights and respect of Rainbow Crossers

Ensuring the rights of Rainbow Crosser and related issues in society


  • Promote society's awareness of Rainbow Crossers

  • Promote equal treatment of diverse genders in society

  • Promote a more cognition of genders in society

  • Promote personal self-confidence and identity

  • Promote full gender equality and human rights


|Our Vision|

The key is who you are

Based on the core values ​​of love and care, respecting ture self-identity, implement gender equality and cognition


  • Help the public to understand Rainbow Crossers and related concepts

  • Break the stereotyped impression of the mainstream of the society on genders

  • Integrate education to achieve a balance of diverse gender education content

  • Connect int'l Rainbow Crossers, form an int'l consensus, and jointly promote the Global Rainbow Crossing Movement

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