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|Membership *for Taiwanese citizen or residence only

——​Invite you to join our membership——

The membership of this association is divided into two types: "regular member" and "special member". According to the constitution of the association, whether it is a full member or a special member, it is necessary to provide two referral invitations who have been qualified as a full member of the association (excluding special members), and the committee has reviewed and approved it before joining . For related specifications, please refer to this chapter.

If you want to join as a member of this club, please provide the following information first, our staff will contact you as soon as possible, thank you.

According to the regulations of the association, please provide the names of "two persons" who have been recommended by the association "official members"

Thank you for your submitting!

​After being confirmed by the association and approved by the council, an online membership application form will be sent for you to fill out and sign.

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