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Relational awareness, understanding and acceptance will find similarities in differences


Promote and Implement Gender Equality Rights

True equality is everyone’s voice been heard

Today’s society emphasizes "gender mainstreaming", hoping that various types of "gender" can be integrated into all levels of society, so that society can better face the uniqueness of individuals. Diverse acceptance and understanding. Rainbow Crossers are a group of people who used to use "gender" as their personal gender identity, and then they understand and organize their life course out of personal wishes and experience, or through professional companionship and care. After the various issues in, choose to define the individual’s gender identity purely in terms of "sex". We must promote that the voices of Rainbow Crossers become part of gender mainstreaming, so that society can get a more complete and comprehensive gender discourse.

Provide Multi-angle Gender-related Issues Consultation and Assistance

The key to love is not sympathy but presence

The life course of each Rainbow Crosser is actually through the help and company of many others, after learning and understanding various gender professional information, plus the sorting and facing of self-life, accepting individuals from the perspective of biological gender unique experience and personality traits combine physiology and psychology into one. "The key to love is not sympathy but presence"- this is a very important core value for every Rainbow Crosser in the process of facing life. The TRCRA links various professions and provides consultation and assistance on gender-related issues from multiple perspectives, so that the love of presence can touch everyone's life and retrieve the value and meaning of personal life.


International Cooperation and Gender Related Issues

Research and Publication

From tolerance to awareness, from recognition to acceptance

Gender equality has become one of the indicators of whether a country can be positioned as a "developed country." Each country, nation, and community has its own historical and cultural roots, as well as its own definition and belief in the value of "gender".   Through research with professional units and cooperation with big data statistics, the diversity of gender issues can be seen more widely.  Start with tolerance, understand various gender issues, and then understand how to accept others who are different from yourself.  It is impossible for us to fully understand another person, but we can give appropriate care and dialogue within our limited possibilities.

Organize Activities, Lectures, Training, Speeches and Cross-unit Cooperation

Listening is love and it is a learning of love

Rational dialogue is a principle of interaction that the TRCRA strongly emphasizes.  Because personal emotions are real feelings, they don't need to be defined by the subjective thoughts of others.  We hope that through various activities, lectures, trainings, and speeches, we can learn the lesson of "listening" with everyone, so as to hear everyone's "what is not said" in order to understand how to give cares to what others can understand and accept.  In addition, through cross-unit cooperation, mutual connection and support, and their respective professions in the discussion of gender issues.


Website and Social Media Management

Let the world hear the voice of Rainbow Crossers

Nowadays, the ways of delivering information have become more diverse, not only on traditional TV, newspapers and magazines, and official websites, but also on various social media and platforms.  The society used to obtain information through traditional media instead of various sub-media and self-media, making the transmission of information more diversified, and different voices have the opportunity to surface, and have the opportunity to be heard by the world.  This generation is very accustomed to this kind of interactive mode, and TRCRA will also use a variety of different media presentation methods to let the world hear the voice of the Rainbow Crossers.

Distribution of Various Publicity Materials and Publications

​Leave a footprint and inherit the value of life

Despite the high development of the Internet, a lot of information can be easily searched in the boundless world of the Internet.  However, the Internet world is virtual and cannot replace the temperature of physical publications.  In addition, through the design and production of physical publications, invisible concepts are transformed into tangible and visible shared objects.  It is hoped that these small objects can also become a source of fundraising for the association's services, so that life can leave footprints and pass on the value of life.

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