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Sat, Dec 26



The most beautiful intersection of "Live Library"-Our Time and Space Diary

"Gay vs. Lesbian" How to go from an impossible relationship to a possible marriage, to a marriage that I never thought of, to an achievement. This diary is a work of accumulated stories. These stories are records. The trace of is the poetic chapter, the initial touch is the continuation of life, I invite you this afternoon to listen to two people talk about the intersection in their diaries. How two parallel lines become the most beautiful encounter in every unexpected time and space* Event registration limit is 30

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The most beautiful intersection of "Live Library"-Our Time and Space Diary
The most beautiful intersection of "Live Library"-Our Time and Space Diary


Dec 26, 2020, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM GMT+8

Ashley, 3rd Floor, No. 50, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Daan District, Taipei City (MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station Exit 3)



What is "Live Library"

  • The Human Library (English: The Human Library) is an international organization and movement. It started in Copenhagen, Denmark in January 2000. It aims to promote dialogue between people and people they don’t usually meet to eliminate barriers. The organization learns how to borrow books from libraries to "lend" real people. They are all people who have suffered prejudice or discrimination in their daily lives, such as AIDS patients, transgender people, refugees, and alcoholics. Citizens who "borrow" these people can ask them questions to understand them and eliminate their prejudices. At present, human library activities have been launched in more than 80 countries, and physical human libraries have been established in some regions, but human libraries in most areas are only held in the form of regular events. (*This information is extracted from Wikipedia)

What do you want to talk about in the "Reality Library" of the Inter-Power Association

  • Rainbow Crossers (Rainbow Crossers) are a group of people who used gender (Gender) as their gender identity (Gender Identity) or sexual orientation (Sexual Orientation); later out of self-awareness and choice, they chose to use only physical gender (Sex) As a group of people with gender identity. This is a hard journey of exploring the depths of my inner life, but it also allows this group of people to live out their own self-identity. The Inter-Power Association wants to let you "lend" their stories through the method of "Reality Library", and reconsider how the bits and pieces happened in a person's life, and how they consciously or unintentionally affected a person's perception and identification with themselves.

What is the content of our "Live Library"

  • Life experience and belief sharing of rainbow crossers
  • Discussion, exchange and dialogue on gender-related issues
  • Ask questions on site, enjoy refreshments

What to pay attention to when participating in "Live Library"

  • In order to protect the real people lent by the association, their stories can be read appropriately and an atmosphere of rational dialogue and communication is maintained. Except for the necessary records of the association, and the photography, video recording, recording, live broadcast, online broadcasting, interviews, etc. approved by the association, no attendees are allowed to expose the parties to this event to the public through various methods and media. The act of the portrait, name and story content of The Association reserves the right to prosecute the parties who violated this behavior. In addition, please respect that everyone has the right to say and not to say so that our communication can proceed smoothly.
  • In order to cooperate with the promotion of various services of the association, any records (including photos, images, text... etc.) verified on the same day, the association has the right to use in various related activities, media exposure, image production, cultural publicity and other external public relations The behavior. If participants have any doubts about this, please contact us before signing up.


  • Member exclusive

    This event is limited to official members of the Association and their invited partners to participate. Each member can invite up to 2 friends to participate.

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