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​Living in true self-image because dares to make different choices


By a very special chance, Rainbow Crossers from many countries met in Taipei in 2018.  This group of people has various identity backgrounds and life experiences.  Once, in the self-identification of "Gender", Rainbow Crossers worked hard to find a gender position for themselves, maybe homosexual, or bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual... and many more.  But gradually, thought the test of time, relationship, and identity brought the Rainbow Crossers deeper into the depths of their life.  Suddenly, they realized that all the positioning and identification that they originally thought was still a bit illusory, like a duckweed, they could only let the water follow it. Until one day they suddenly realized that...

——It turns out that I am me, and I am unique and do not need any term to define it. Therefore, we choose "Dare to be Different"——

At the end of 2020, Taiwan Rainbow Crosser Rights Association (TRCRA) was formally established, hoping to allow the society to hear more of the voices and experiences of Rainbow Crossers, and make the unique identity of each "person" more complete.  Present and construct a more complete and comprehensive discussion of gender equality.

《Needs RADIO「談情說愛」節目專訪》聽聽跨虹者怎麼說秘書長 朱正威
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2018 第一屆敢於不同國際跨虹節 Dare to Change
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